National Poetry Month #16

The Nineteenth Century


Nature simply opened her bloody maw

And swallowed human feeling. She spat

Out places of sorrow and melancholy.

Stone waited a millennium to trip

The mistresses’ horse, and the wall slacked,

The moor swelled, the fen took on a stench.

Goose dinner, for the sake of history

And theology, ministers joined the barristers.


What Liars and poets everybody was!

Confusing people into craving sentiment.

Alpaca sleeves and bastings, soft lapel rolls

Before the run of battleships. Oh how

Voluptuous to have a body but not

Consider it so. See inside the hillock

The flame that bloomed, the rock that shone.

Strike the tents, someone glowered

And the landscape turned; we rolled on.

National Poetry Month #15

If the World Hosts You and You Accept

The poet came to our class.
The poet came in.
We resisted and talked physics.
Still, the poet listened to
our particle discussion.
We moved into convex
Orbits and we pulled
Our heaviest vocabulary
Into a pile. We pushed it on a cart,
Away from that poet.
We denied that poet access.
We shut down the ramps
Into understanding.
But he came closer.
He joined us in roaming
Lands of almost and thin oxygen,
Where utterances gathered
And we slammed our knees
Against the tables, in our
Beloved outer atmospheres.