Jon Herron is So Cool and other matters of Biology and Poetry

That’s one approach to the chat that Evolutionary Biologist Jon Herron and I will have on Thursday evening, February 5th:

HONORS HEARTH is presented by HSAP and the University Honors Program as a unique interdisciplinary dialogue in a cozy setting.

Join us at our Winter Quarter event featuring Honors faculty Frances McCue and Jon Herron in discussion about poetry, biology, and many things in between. The event is open to members of the Honors community at no cost. Advance registration is required.

Thursday, February 5, 2015
7:00-9:00 p.m.
Haggett Hall Grey Lounge

Free to all members of the Honors Community. CLICK HERE for more info and to RSVP for this unique event:

On Being an American

My young friend Emma Mitchell-Sparke asked me to describe what I thought about America. Emma was doing a project for school, one in which she “mapped” American artists geographically and politically.

Here’s what I said:

“Being an American means that I have incredible freedom of movement on one of the prettiest pieces of land in the world, a region sprawling between two great oceans. As a country, the US is one of history’s greatest social experiments because it aspires to welcome people from all backgrounds and beliefs, encouraging them to live together. I believe that being an American means that you must raise your voice and encourage others to do so, both culturally and politically, so that the vibrancy of a democracy can work.

When it America fails, it does so because it is a capitalist empire with severe over-reach issues.”