It’s Day 2 Of National Poetry Month

It’s All Fun and Clever Until It Happens To You


One poet went to another poet’s house
And began to erase her books. The visiting poet
Took an ink pen and scratched out words.
Late at night, she sat at the kitchen table
Where she drew lines through whole phrases.
The other poet could hear the scraping as
Her guest erased whole stanzas until the books
Became other books. You’ve heard this before.
It’s a new art form, erasing other people’s work.
Only thing was, the guest poet erased the poetry
Of her host, the poetry that the poet living in the house
Had actually written. It didn’t seem so quaint
A pastime anymore, this artistic innovation,
This funny little thing to do. In the end, the host
Told her guest to take all the books with her,
All the freshly erased and scraped out books,
The ones no longer her own, or anyone’s really.



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