Teaching at the University of Washington

I teach in the Integrated Social Sciences Program, the English Department and  in the University Honors Program.  Please click here for a description of that.

I am thrilled by my work– I have the chance to bring literature and writing alive and help it be relevant to students with all sorts of interests.

My courses in Honors include:

What We Know and How We Know It, my annual Freshmen seminar, hosts three-five guest lecturers from different disciplines around the UW campus. Each speaker is a world class teacher and scholar. The speakers describe their own journeys into their fields and discuss the writing that appears in their disciplines. HONORS 205

I also teach Pilgrimages and Idle Travels, a writing studio for travel and memoir writing. Both of the courses are “C”, composition classes. HONORS 345.

Some years,  I offer Teaching to Transgress, a project-based course about Teaching and about current American infrastructures for learning.

The Triggering Town is a reading and writing studio that connects poetry to place.

For the English Department, I typically teach Reading Pacific NW Fiction. ENGL 243.

And in Integrated Social Sciences, I teach the Capstone Course and Advanced Research Writing in the Social Sciences. ISS 381.

I hold open office hours for any UW undergraduate. You can come and see me to talk about literature, poetry, the Humanities or your own writing process.