Teaching at the University of Washington

Wow. This spring, I was so fortunate to receive the UW Distinguished Teaching Award!

Many, many distinguished teachers work at the Universtiy of Washington’s three campuses that include the Medical School, Law School, Colleges of Engineering, Environment, Built Environments, Education, Business, Public Health, Nursing, Dentistry, the Information School, and in the College of Arts and Sciences. I teach in the Integrated Social Sciences Program, the English Department and formerly in the University Honors Program.  Please click here for a description of that.

I am inspired by my students and by our work together.  I have the chance to bring literature and writing alive and help it be relevant to students with all sorts of interests.

Courses I sometimes teach:

The Triggering Town is a reading and writing studio that connects poetry to place.

Teaching to Transgress, a course inspired by bell hooks and Paulo Freire.

Moroccan Literature pivots between Tahar Ben Jaloun, Fatima Mernissi, Leila Lelami and others to explore French colonization and the beautiful terrain of Morocco.

For the English Department, I typically teach Reading Pacific NW Fiction.

Pilgrimages and Idle Travels merges travel writing and memoir into a writing course.

And in Integrated Social Sciences, I teach the Capstone Course and Advanced Research Writing in the Social Sciences.

Introduction to Humanities is an innovative online course with cameo appearances by Ana Mari Cauce, President of the University, and Ed Taylor, Dean of Undergraduate Affairs.

I hold open office hours for any UW undergraduate. You can come and see me and talk about literature, poetry, the Humanities or your own writing process.