My Experience with Nonprofit Community Organizations and Individuals (Selected Projects).


2015-2016. For a year, I collaborated and instigated the Strategic Planning process for one of the most beloved supporters of artists in our region. By hosting pop-ups around Washington State, we gathered artists, funders and community members to offer advice to Artist Trust. Then, in the end, we commissioned a comic book for the strategic plan. I loved this project.


2015. By creating and leading a series of “Learning Labs” I engaged the creative team that produces Folklife, the Pacific Northwest Ballet and the Opera. We used writing and image-based practices to enhance the collaborations of the work team.

COMMUNITY LUNCH PROGRAM. A meal program serving homeless or transient neighbors on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

Current project. For the last four years, I’ve been leading board retreats and mentoring sessions for the executive staff of the organization. Together, we have formed long term strategies for funding, staffing and board development.
Reference: Don Jenson.

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON. Integrated Social Sciences, BA Completion Program.

Current project. Since March, 2014, I have part of a team that is designing a new online degree program for the Social Sciences at UW. By implementing a values-based start up model within a large research university, I contributed a holistic vision for the program. I am also creating the portfolio and capstone curricula for the students.
Reference: Professor Matt Sparke.

MOHAI. The Museum of History and Industry. Seattle.

In 2010-11, I was hired to collaborate on the “Century 21” Exhibits for the new museum at South Lake Union. Because the early versions of the exhibit did not represent the diversity of the city, I produced a series of Storytelling Circles for people from many communities to come together. With these emergent stories, we created the “Community Tower” at MOHAI.
Reference: Leonard Garfield.

EDUCURIOUS. A start up project commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In 2010-11, When the Gates Foundation proposed that an education venture be established to help struggling high school students re-engage with school, I worked on a team to develop curriculum. We used video gaming as a model to create feedback loops, quest lines and skill building techniques. I initiated and supervised a test of the curriculum inside high school classrooms.

RICHARD HUGO HOUSE. Literary Center on Capitol Hill, Seattle.

With two friends, Linda Breneman and Andrea Lewis, I was a co founder of Hugo House. For ten years, I continued as the Founding Director (1996-2006).

INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS, WRITERS and TEACHERS. Seattle, Missoula, London, Marrakesh.

In an ongoing capacity, I work with individuals to help further their artistic practices by reviewing manuscripts, developing work plans and creating goals and strategies for their work.