Connecting creative people to their work and to each other.

With photographer Mary Randlett 2015.

By bringing together my expertise as a published author, as an educator and as an arts and culture leader, my work helps individuals and groups start or sustain creative ventures. I create “learning labs” or “studio” approaches to collaboration. Old roles dissolve when people are learning, inquiring and suspending assumptions.

Artists are, by nature, entrepreneurs. They take old materials and use them in new ways. They create marketplaces for their work. In these age-old practices, new ways emerge. That’s why I also call myself an Arts Instigator. Together, we can reformat the paradigm of how to carry on good work. We can reformat our approaches to traditional structures, asking how engagement can motivate and transform us. And, together, we can use artistic practices (reading, writing, conversation, drawing) to bring us there.

Engagement Strategies embrace the three “I”s of Creative Practice:

• Initiate: taking responsibility by establishing values and goals;
• Inspire: surfacing the passions of individuals and groups so that they move to the creative edges of their work;
• Innovate: to introduce new approaches to old materials or challenges.

Requests for services have included:

• “I want to start my own non profit. Can you help me?”
• “My organization has so many different kinds of personalities. How can we get everyone on the same page? How can we do our best work?”
• “How can I sustain my own creative practice so that it feeds my work life?”
• “We want to share our work and help our organization become more flat, less hierarchical. Can you develop some practices for that?”

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